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Becker Hall

Becker Hall

Thank you for visiting and supporting my page! As the Founder and CEO of Hogs for the Cause, I am extremely excited to be embarking on this amazing endeavor, the Hogs Family Residence at OLL. We will be helping thousands of Louisiana families for decades...but, first, we need your support to make this dream a reality! - Becker

Together we can do something great!

Not only does cancer take an enormous toll on the mental and physical health of the patients and its family members – it also has a tremendous financial impact. The costs associated with childhood cancer make it a struggle for families to get by and meet their needs while also being able to get their child to lifesaving treatment. For families already living in poverty, these difficulties are often multiplied.

Your donation feeds a child
Average cost of meal for a family.
Average household utility bills for one month.
Average hotel costs for a 3-night stay, per person.
Average cost for one month's worth of mortgage payments.
Average cost of one month's worth of medicine for pediatric cancer patients.


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1. RDRobert David
2. JSJayme Spencer
Just unearthed an email from early Sept. that I never meant to bury! I am pleased to donate --- coming from FUMC class of Rings and Ivy via Judy Perkins. Happy to do so now, even though late.
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4. NWNada Wood
5. LBLoree Bonin
In honor of Karen Hall
6. RHRobert Hyde
Karen, you will live forever in our hearts--Marilyn and Robin

Team Raising in Honor of Karen Perkins Hall