Hogs 2023

Hogs 2023



Hogs House at Children's Hospital New Orleans

In the last 12 years, Hogs has helped over 200 individual families in the New Orleans community, giving $500,00 in direct grants to families.  We've made a $2.25 Million pledge to Children's Hospital New Orleans for the Hogs House - the first of its kind.  This pledge is a 7-year commitment.  We're still working to get this paid off.  Please help us stay on course to pay off this incredible house and donate so we can pay for its operations annually.  Since opening in October 2019, the Hogs House has remained at full capacity.  In addition, and back to the core of our mission, we need additional funds so we can continue to help families in your community through direct grants.

The Competition in Your City

Donations must be raised through the online peer-to-peer fundraising page on Rallybound
Only individual fundraising pages/individuals are eligible for the rewards program (teams are not eligible).
The purpose of the reward program is to incentivize the participant to use the online peer-to-peer fundraising platform by directly contacting donors and have them directly donate through that platform.  The reward program is not intended to provide rewards for funds raised outside of the online platform.  Hogs reserves the right to review each donation.  If it is determined that money was raised outside of the online system and then put through the website solely for rewards purposes, that donation will not be eligible for the rewards program.
Rewards program expires at midnight on Sunday, April 15th.
To claim your reward you must email Becker or Zandy no later than May 1, 2023. 
Hogs will not automatically assign rewards, so you must proactively reach out to us on or before May 1, 2023.  Fundraisers often chose not to claim rewards even if they qualify, which is great for Hogs.
Rewards are not immediate as it will take time for us to coordinate delivers
If the reward recipient decides to alter the delivery after initially scheduled, any additional fees will be the responsibility of the reward recipient, not of Hogs.

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Get Involved

These families face tremendous financial, emotional and mental burdens every day. Please sign up to help us help them alleviate these burdens.

Support a Friend

Thank you for supporting your family, friends, peers, and acquaintances who are selflessly putting forth effort to further our mission of helping families with children diagnosed with brain cancer.

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